Finmek S.p.A.
is the holding company based in Padova. The company achieved its position through a strong commitment to unparalleled excellence in customer service. Recognized as a technology leader, Finmek S.p.A. provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions, delivering unsurpassed quality and support to large OEM primarily in the communications, industrial, medical, multimedia. Finmek, a young and dynamic Group is active in different business areas:

Telecommunications - Design, development, engineering, manufacturing of a wide range of terminals, for office and home: wired and wireless phones and networking equipment.

Automation & Controls - Design, engineering and manufacturing of boards, sub-systems and equipment for industrial process automation in the fields of heating and conditioning, medical and domestic control and electrical energy distribution.

Home Environment & Public Utilities - Design, development, manufacturing and sells of networking equipment, monitoring, measurements and remote control system, as partner of private service providers, telecom and public utilities active in the fields of Home Automation, Remote Controls and Home Service Gateway.

Multimedia Access & Infomobility Design, development, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of terminals for domestic and business applications. These systems allow customers to easily use of services such as fast internet, VoIP, SMS, TV (terrestrial and satellite), DTV and satellite data.

Peripherals - Design, development, manufacturing and sale of printers for professional and industrial markets.

Technical Services - After-sale services: the natural extension and complement to the products and manufacturing services offered by Finmek.

Finmek S.p.A. can offer end-to-end solutions from systems and components design and engineering to prototyping and system integration. Thanks to a funcional net of R&D and Engineering centers distributed all over the world Finmek can develop components and electronic systems (HW and SW) in the following fields:


In order to satisfy customer's needs and to accelerate their success, Finmek R&D aimed to develop competences such as: » Definition and planning of functional and technical requirements of the Products and Systems; » Mechanical and electric HW design with CAD, CAE supports; » Real time SW design and management with dedicated development tools; » Prototypes and field trials; » In circuit and functional test equipment design; » Advanced Procurement and international survey on suppliers; » Materials and Components; » DFM, DFT and DFC; » System integration design


To challenge the competition with world major EMS based on Service, Quality and Cost, Finmek management decided to follow three strategic lines:
1) Identifying market and customer requirements
2) Innovate technology
3) Improving production processes as well as organizational processes

The introduction of interacting client-oriented teams ensures visibility, guarantees a correct feedback, and aims to the complete customer satisfaction. The introduction of tight co-operation with customers and suppliers (comakership) promotes high quality levels at effectively lower costs.

The strategy of focusing on advanced technologies (mobile phones, automotive equipments, optic fibers, satellite communications and aerospace) requires research and development of innovative solutions on forefront sectors such as leadfree and subminiature components.

Appling "Six sigma" strategy in process and management is the best way for customer satisfaction at the lowest cost and for improving organizations, especially in case where conditions are rapidly varying.

Seamless education of staff at all levels develops the culture of process, creates a correct method of working, for problem solving, waste reducing and lean thinking, and enhances the human resources, changing the staff from "faith ones" to "responsible ones". Indeed ISO 9000, 14,000 certificates are the recognition of commitment and the competence of Finmek in this respect.


Finmek has been awarded with the following certifications:
  » ISO 9001
  » ISO 9002
  » ISO 14000
  » TS 16949 (2003)ents.

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